Dr. Habib Appointed to SOAP Board of Directors

The Society for Obstetric Anesthesia and Perinatology (SOAP) has elected Duke Anesthesiology’s Dr. Ashraf Habib to serve as the director at large on its board of directors. The announcement was made at the society’s 49th annual meeting, titled “Beyond the Obstetric Suite.”

SOAP’s mission is to improve the pregnancy-related outcomes of women and neonates through the support of obstetric anesthesiology research, the provision of education to its members, other providers, and pregnant women, and the promotion of excellence in clinical anesthetic care.

Dr. Habib is the chief of Duke Anesthesiology’s Women’s Anesthesia Division. He has been a SOAP member for the past 17 years in which he has been active in a number of SOAP committees, including the international outreach committee (member 2004-2008, chairman since 2008), the research committee (since 2008), and the resident affairs committee (since 2009). He has also  served on a number of the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) committees related to obstetric anesthesia, including the ASA abstract review subcommittee on obstetric anesthesia and perinatology (member 2009-2013, chair since 2013), and the ASA education track subcommittee (since 2013).

Dr. Habib says the experience he has gained through his work, participating in and leading several international outreach trips teaching obstetric anesthesia overseas (Croatia, Egypt and Romania), has made him appreciate the opportunities that SOAP can have as a leader in improving the care of pregnant women worldwide.