MS4: Course Description

MS4 Course Description


Clinical Anesthesia Elective ANE 440 C

This 4 week clinical course is intended for students planning a career in Anesthesiology, the Surgical or Medical specialties, or Primary Care.

Future anesthesiologists will gain a more in-depth understanding of options within their chosen field. Future medical consultants will better understand anesthetic needs when a medical consult is required, while future surgeons will see this specialty from the other side of the “either screen.” Future primary care providers will better understand OR processes and their patient’s pharmacological needs of day-to-day surgery.

Airway management and vascular line placement are basic skills that are taught throughout this elective by the anesthesia team. Two weeks will be spent in general operating rooms, assigned to an Anesthesia Resident. You will review each of your patients’ medical histories and physicals and discuss with the anesthesia team how their pre-morbid condition will affect the anesthetic plan. In the operating room you will see how and why the anesthesia team meets the needs of the patient, the Surgical Team, and how the post-operative care is determined by the patient’s condition, the surgical stressors, and post-operative needs.

A week in the Cardiovascular OR is intended to you more exposure to in-depth vascular monitoring and more intense cardiopulmonary physiology and anesthesia. The last week will be spent in a number of anesthetic sub-specialties: Hyperbaric Medicine, Acute Pain Service, and Obstetric Anesthesia. If you have an interest in a specialty service within the bounds of this elective, we will provide this clinical exposure.

Throughout the elective in the afternoon there will be one or two didactic lectures on selected topics. The lecture series is front-loaded to bring the novice up to speed quickly on topics in Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine. In addition to faculty members, our Resident Teaching Scholars serve as mentors, teach in the simulator, and in the final week, oversee a case presentation on your choice of an anesthesia-related topic by each student in the elective.