Benefits, Compensation and Life in the Area


Note: Salaries are set by the Duke University Office of Graduate Medical Education. The left side tab for Trainees will show you the current academic year salaries by PGY level. Other benefits to you as a housestaff officer are also described on the GME website.

Residents are covered by malpractice insurance for those activities officially sanctioned by the Department and Duke GME. A $100,000 group term life insurance policy is provided for each house staff member. Disability insurance is provided to cover 60% of the annual salary or $2,000 per month, whichever is less, to age sixty-five, after a 90-day qualifying disability. Each resident is eligible for a variety of health insurance options as are other employees of Duke University, with subsidized premium shares for housestaff that make them especially affordable.

See the GME manual tab on their website for more detailed information.

Residents are eligible for 15 working days of vacation per year and five sick days. Additional time off at Christmas or New Year’s holidays are arranged, when possible. Attendance at scientific meetings, not to exceed five working days per year, shall be considered part of the training program. The Department of Anesthesiology provides a stipend ($2,000 total over three years) for each resident to cover expenses for anesthesiology meetings. Maternity leave, paternity leave, etc. are handled through FMLA (the Family and Medical Leave Act) according to departmental and institutional policies. Please note the time away from training guidelines of The ABA (The American Board of Anesthesiology, Inc.). [See section 2.03 “ABSENCE FROM TRAINING” (p. 14) of the ABA’s Booklet of Information, February 2013 edition.] A trainee who uses FMLA may need to make up time at the end of the CA-3 year to meet ABA requirements for completion of the residency.

Several anesthesiology textbooks are provided to each resident free of charge at the beginning of the CA-1 year. Scrubwear, labcoats, ID badges, and beepers are provided by the hospital. Parking is provided free of charge. Workout facilities for Duke Hospital residents only are located on the bottom floor of the Erwin Road parking deck; residents may avail themselves of the extensive fitness facilities of Duke University or of nearby independent gyms for additional, modest monthly fees. Night call rooms and evening meals are provided for residents on call. A resident lounge is available to all residents and is equipped with two computers for resident use. There are several lounge spaces provided by GME for all housestaff of the hospital, scattered around the medical center campus.

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