Chief Residents’ Welcome

Welcome Residents

Welcome to the Duke Department of Anesthesiology Residency Program! We are excited to tell you a bit about our residency program.

Between the diverse caseload and complexity of the patients we care for at Duke, the clinical experience provides tremendous opportunity to develop excellent procedural skills and sharpen clinical judgment. Our program provides an environment that is both collegial and supportive. Residents train at Duke University Hospital, Duke Regional Hospital, Duke Ambulatory Surgery Center, and the Durham VA Hospital.  These venues provide a diversity of care environments and patient populations within close geographic proximity.

The Duke Anesthesiology Residency Program has remained quite small in the setting of increasing case load to maximize the educational richness of the training program. Each day, one of the chief residents reviews the following day’s OR schedule and selects cases with the greatest educational value and clinical complexity for resident staffing. Any cases not assigned to residents are covered by our enlarging, talented group of CRNAs. This arrangement allows us to consistently provide a highly educational and clinically complex caseload from a large academic medical center that routinely provides anesthesia in more than 60 operating rooms and offsite locations.

For didactic learning, our dedicated faculty supports a diversity of different learning styles. In addition to interactive lectures and simulation sessions, for which residents have protected time, the department has invested in innovative educational technologies that allow residents to tailor their educational experience. All residents are provided an iPad at the beginning of their CA-1 year, in addition to several of the hallmark anesthesia textbooks (Miller, etc.).  Residents are also provided an education fund for use towards educational texts, ebooks, iPad apps, and more.

Although we take tremendous pride in our clinical training, we also value a balanced life — our 55 to 60 hour work weeks afford free time for research, self-study, and personal pursuits.

Beyond the hospital, the city of Durham is a wonderful place to live and work. Not only is Durham incredibly convenient (fantastic weather, low cost of living, non-existent commute times, close proximity to Raleigh and Chapel Hill), but also it has a vibrant and unique personality. What was once an old tobacco town has grown into a destination featured in the New York Times and lauded by numerous national media outlets for its food, beer and livability. Durham is simultaneously friendly, humble, intellectual, and worldly.  It is a city with something for everybody.

We realize that finding the perfect residency is a daunting task, and in the end, the spreadsheets and lists usually give way to a gut feeling. We wish you the best on this journey and hope to see you along the way. A stop at Duke is definitely worth the trip!

Chris Wahal, MD and Jenna Falcinelli, MD