Edmund Jooste, MB, ChB

CRU Director:

Edmund Jooste, MB, ChB
Associate Professor

Research Practice Manager:
Bonnie Funk, RN, CCRP

Financial Practice Manager:
Jennifer Sanford

Assistant Research Practice Manager:
Narai Balajonda, BS, MHSc, CCRP
Tiffany Bisanar, RN, BSN, CCRP

Clinical Research Coordinators:
Renee Avecilla, BS
Lani Banez, CCRC
Ashley Burke, BS
Shruti Desai, MPH
Mike Elgasim, MBBS, CCRP
Jessica Hall, BS
Sharon Norman
Omowunmi Olaleye, MS
Antoinette Santoro, BSRT
Yanne Toulgoat-Dubois, BA
Peter Waweru, CCRP
Erlinda Yeh, BS, MBA, CCRP

Clinical Research Nurse Coordinators:
Tamara Cannon, RN, BSN
Gretchen Guy, RN, BSN
Alicia Pucci, RN, BSN
Katherine Sweeney, RN, MFA

Clinical Research Specialist, Senior:
Rachele Brassard, BSW
Karen Clemmons
Ally Odom, BS
Andreea Podgoreanu, BS
Jennifer Kaisen, BS
Rosa Yang, MBMS
Andrew Encarnacion, BS
Arif Awad, BS
Samuel Belgique, MBMS

Clinical Research Specialist:
Zachary Augustine, MBMS

Statistical Support:
Mary Cooter, MS, Biostatistician II
Yi-Ju Li, PhD, Program Leader, Biostatistics and Clinical Outcomes
Viral Panchal, DrPH, Biostatistician II
John Hunting, MPH, Biostatistician II
Wenjing Qi, PhD, Postdoctoral Associate


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Phone: 919-684-0861
Fax: 919-681-8076 [Attn: Bonnie Funk]