Mentors/Anesthesiology Shadowing

We encourage Duke University students to accompany an anesthesiologist to the Operating Room or other clinical or research setting such as the Intensive Care Units, the Hyperbaric Center, or the Pain Clinic. If you are interested, please contact Dr. Andrew Peery, the AIG advisor, for recommendations and introductions. Below are listing of the current anesthesiology faculty to give you an idea of the wide variety of options available.

If you would like information about careers and training programs in Anesthesiology, please ask Dr. Stuart Grant to send you the booklet by the Society for Education in Anesthesia.

Faculty List


Stephen M. Klein, MD

Critical Care Medicine

Nancy W. Knudsen, MD
John T. Lemm, MD
Richard E. Moon, MD
Eugene W. Moretti, MD
Quintin Quinones, MD, PhD
Bret W. Stolp, MD
Christopher C. Young, MD

General, Vascular, High-Risk Transplant (GVT)

Catherine K. Kuhn, MD
Eugene W. Moretti, MD
Richard E. Moon, MD
Kerri M. Wahl, MD
Christopher C. Young, MD

Hyperbaric Medicine

Richard E. Moon, MD
Bret W. Stolp, MD


Andrew Peery, MD
Bret W. Stolp, MD
Jeffrey M. Taekman, MD

Pain Management

Thomas J. Hopkins, MD, MBA
Lance A. Roy, MD
Dianne L. Scott, MD


John B. Eck, MD
Nathaniel Greene, MD
Allison K. Ross, MD


Ellen M. Flanagan, MD
Stuart A. Grant, MB


Joel S. Goldberg, MD
Jonathan B. Mark, MD
Rebecca A. Schroeder, MD
Dana N. Wiener, MD


Abigail H. Melnick, MD
Adeyemi J. Olufolabi, MB

ChrisMentors/Anesthesiology Shadowing