Our Mission, Vision, and Core Values

Mission: The Duke HSPSC exists to improve the safety and efficiency of healthcare locally, nationally, and internationally through the innovative use of technology and simulation.

Vision:  We will be recognized globally as a transformative force in healthcare simulation which, through a relentless pursuit of innovation, will directly contribute to improving health around the world.

Our Core Values:

  • Innovation:  We are discoverers, inventors and pioneers who passionately create new solutions and redefine existing ones to sharpen the edge of medical simulation.
  • Excellence:  We will pursue excellence in everything we do through hard work, determination, and by contributing to a positive working environment.
  • Professionalism:  We will conduct ourselves as professionals at all times by demonstrating respect for all, self-accountability for responsibilities, continuous growth, reliability, and discipline.
  • Teamwork: We are members of a proud, well-coordinated, and effective team who share the responsibility for the lab’s success by combining individual talents, sharing knowledge, and supporting each other.
  • Integrity:  Our lab is built upon a bedrock of trust, honesty, and truthfulness.
  • Collaboration:  We appreciate the value of interdependence and continually seek rich, cooperative, relationships within Duke University Health System and the larger community to accomplish shared goals and missions.

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Chris KeithOur Mission, Vision, and Core Values