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Ankeet D. Udani, MD, MSEd

Ankeet D. Udani, MD, MSEd

Interim Director

Associate Professor of Anesthesiology

Noa Segall, PhDHuman Factors Engineer
Noa Segall, PhD
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Education Specialist: Ashley Grantham, PhD
Simulation & Media Specialists: Brian Fisher & Jack Newman


  • Warwick Ames, MBBS
  • Bob Blessing, MS
  • Anne Cherry, MD
  • Alison Clay, MD
  • Anna Lisa Crowley, MD
  • Peter Dwane, MD
  • John Eck, MD
  • Megan Foureman, CRNA
  • Nicole Guinn, MD
  • Juliann Hobbs, MD, MPH
  • Thomas Hopkins, MD
  • Hung-Lun John Hsia, MD
  • Nancy Knudsen, MD
  • Catherine Kuhn, MD
  • John Lemm, MD
  • Evelyn Lockhart, MD
  • Judith Margolis, MD
  • Jonathan Mark, MD
  • Stephen Melton, MD
  • Eugene Moretti, MD, MHSc, FASA
  • Adeyemi Olufolabi, MD
  • Andrew Peery, MD
  • Srinivas Pyati, MD, MBBS
  • Aaron Sandler, MD, PhD
  • Becky Schroeder, MD
  • Mark Stafford-Smith, MD*
  • Bret Stolp, MD, PhD
  • Zaneta Strouch, MD, MPH
  • David Turner, MD

VA Simulation

  • Atilio Barbeito, MD*
  • Mary Holtschneider, RN-BC, BSN, MPA, NREMT-P, CPLP
  • Jonathan Mark, MD*
  • Rebecca Schroeder, MD*

*denotes Investigators

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