Immersive Learning Environments at Duke (ILE@D)

ILE@D is a three-dimensional, collaborative world accessible from any Internet-connected computer that provides an innovative, interactive “front-end” to distance education in the health care professions. ILE@D maximizes face-to-face interactions between teachers and students through self-directed, team-based, and facilitator led preparatory activities in the virtual environment. While in the beginning phases of development, we have a grand vision for building a generic education framework which can support a variety of inter-professional healthcare training scenarios. The Duke Endowment is providing $2.8M in funding over the next 5 years to initiate this effort with the goal of making the platform broadly available to the healthcare community.

We are designing a flexible architecture to allow creation of a library of locales, tools, medicines, procedures, patient profiles, events, and avatar responses. Once these libraries are created, they can be shared across a range of scenarios. The ILE@D framework, which supports open standards, and a plug-in architecture will become the hub of virtual health care education. Duke sees this as a key opportunity to change the game by allowing students to gain knowledge in the ways that best suite them (individual, online teams, and in person team based learning environments). ILE@D is seen as a key component of a larger Team Based Learning curriculum which is shared between the Duke University School of Medicine and Duke-National University of Singapore Graduate Medical School. This tool allows students to learn procedures and technologies offline so that class time is devoted towards collaborative exploration rather than static lectures.

  • Anywhere, anytime access to virtual, interactive health care education that encourages collaboration and communication regardless of location
  • Engaging 3D virtual world that immerses the student in realistic health care scenarios, allowing them to practice their skills and reasoning individually or groups
  • Adheres to existing standards for virtual worlds and Learning Management Systems
  • Leverages existing educational resources and investments (e.g. BlueDocs)

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