US Army Pre-Deployment Anesthesia and Anaphylaxis Training Simulator (PDAATS)

The Pre-Deployment Anesthesia and Anaphylaxis Training System (PDAATS) is a serious game designed to teach and refresh the cognitive skills of rapid sequence intubation and moderate / deep sedation to non-anesthesia providers.

This single-player, first-person simulation enables clinicians to evaluate, sedate, and medically manage ten different patients each with a unique set of medical and contextual challenges.  In each scenario, learners must identify and interpret relevant findings in the patient’s background and physical exam to determine primary and secondary sedation plans.

Each patient avatar is innervated by the HumanSim physiology engine which accurately and dynamically generates heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen saturation depending on the learner’s actions.   Cognitive fidelity is further enhanced through an innovative interface that allows learners to select medications, medication dosages, and delivery.

Following the simulation, a robust after action review (AAR) that allows players to reflectively learn from their performance.

PDAATS was produced with Applied Research Associates (ARA) with funding from the Army’s Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center (TATRC).  For further information about PDDATS, contact Michael Steele at michael.steele@dm.duke.edu.

In collaboration with Applied Research Associates (ARA).

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