3DiTeams: Gaming Environment for Training Healthcare Team Coordination Skills

Effective team coordination is critical for the safe delivery of care. Development of these skills requires training and practice in an interactive team-based environment. A three-dimensional serious game environment provides an engaging and cost effective alternative to other interactive training solutions such as human patient simulation. In this project we are developing a three-dimensional interactive networked system for training of military health care team coordination skills. Although this is a development project with no formal experimental hypothesis, we will conduct qualitative evaluations of the design specification and alpha and beta versions of a demonstration prototype. Ease of use, practicality, scope, and effectiveness of the training system will be assessed through heuristic analysis by experts in team training.

Our specific aims include:

  • Development of an immersive environment software platform for training of health care skills.
  • Content development for the training of team coordination skills.
  • Prototype of the 3D immersive environment using a military trauma scenario for the purposes of proof-of-concept.
  • Planning for an assessment of ease of use and efficacy through an experimental trial at Duke University Medical Center.

3Di Teams Workstation

The development of 3DiTeams will provide an effective solution to the problem of expanding the scope of team coordination skill training in military health care environments. In addition, the software platform we develop will allow for the integration of multiple scenarios and work environments (e.g., training modules) to allow expansion into public health care environments.

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In collaboration with Applied Research Associates (ARA).

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Chris Keith3DiTeams: Gaming Environment for Training Healthcare Team Coordination Skills