Maternal Hemorrhage

Post Partum Hemorrhage (PPH) is a 3D, multi-player, instructor-facilitated virtual simulation platform designed to train teams of clinicians in the medical management of post-partum hemorrhage as well as effective teamwork and communication behaviors.

Users may choose to participate in the exercise as physicians or nurses, the facilitator, or choose to be invisible as an observer.  A user may even elect to be the voice of the patient.

PPH is set in a realistic virtual birthing suite where learners can freely move about and interact with the patient, equipment, supplies, and other items in the environment through an intuitive interface of on-screen buttons or item highlights.  The game allows learners to perform medical procedures such as fundal massage as well as deliver routine and emergency medications and fluids.

The game’s facilitated model provides the learning flexibility of traditional high-fidelity manikin simulation.  Dashboards in the game allow facilitators to control every aspect of the patient’s physiology as individual parameters (figure 2) or through the use of macro buttons to quickly move from one patient state to another. Facilitators also have the ability to control the patient’s vital signs, lab results, and rate of hemorrhage as well as the environment to include the delivery of blood products.

The SAFE-TeamS / TeamSTEPPS feature allows observers and other participants to tag game actions as ʻgoodʼ or ʻbadʼ that can then be reviewed during the games robust Recap stage.  In the recap stage an interactive replay of the entire scenario , the instructor leads a discussion about game actions and compares gameplay to specified protocol.

PPH uses the Unreal Engine and was built on the ILE@D Lite platform.  For more information of PPH, contact Michael Steele at

In collaboration with Applied Research Associates (ARA).

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