What is Duke Dive Medicine?

Duke Dive Medicine is a medical practice specializing in the physiology of human exposure to extreme environments.

Who is Duke Dive Medicine and what do they do?

Duke Dive Medicine is composed of fully licensed, board certified physicians and other medical professionals who work at the Duke Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Environmental Physiology. Duke Dive Medicine is the same Duke group that has been dedicated to making diving safer for 48 years. Duke Dive Medicine operates a 24-hour physician consulting service to provide expert medical advice for military, technical, commercial and recreational diving injuries. Duke Dive Medicine conducts professional research at the largest civilian hyperbaric center in the world, the Duke Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Environmental Physiology, located at the Duke University Hospital in Durham, North Carolina.

What is the difference between Duke and other providers of diving medical advice?

Duke Dive Medicine are the Doctors for Divers. Duke operates a 24-hour emergency consultation line staffed by experienced, board certified physicians to provides expert advice on: all types of diving injuries (recreational, commercial, military and technical), environmental medicine, human physiology of extreme environments and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.  The physicians at Duke Dive Medicine personally conduct environmental medicine research at the Duke Hyperbaric Chambers and other sites daily. Duke’s extensive experience and expertise makes it the world leader in these fields.

How does Duke Dive Medicine directly help divers?

Duke Dive Medicine, as part of the Duke Medical Center, is a not-for-profit organization and provides professional environmental medicine services to the general public. In case of a diving emergency, you should contact the local EMS first, however, if you need expert medical advice for an emergency diving injury, you can ask your treating physician to contact Duke Dive Medicine at 919-684-8111. DiveAssure clients have direct, facilitated non-emergency access to Duke physicians for individual fitness to dive or other questions.

Tell me more about the dive research at Duke?

The Hyperbaric Facility at Duke began in 1962 and now includes 7 large interconnected chambers with a capacity of more than 25 people. Six of these chambers are rated for 1000 feet (pressure) and 100,000 feet altitude (negative pressure). The “golf ball” is the 12 foot high pressure chamber rated for 3600 feet that was the site of the Atlantis Dive series.

For more information about ongoing diving research please visit the research page.

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