Duke / Inter Mountain Health (Salt Lake City) Experience

The high altitude setting of Salt Lake lends itself to recreational as well as educational experiences during the fellowship.

Dr Piantadosi at the helm of the ski boat for tubing at the fellows welcome picknick at Kerr Lake, July 2013

Fellows in Seattle at the UHMS Physician’s Diving Medicine Course, October 2013. (Let to right: Jonathan Stabile, Marlon Medford, Andrew Moffat, Jake Freiberger, Jude Viola)

Christmas decorations, Temple Square, Salt Lake City, Dec 2013

Drs Weaver and Freiberger, LDS hospital, Dec 2013

Critical care monoplace chamber

Duke/ IMH faculty, William Tettelbach, MD

View from IMC Wound care center conference room, Dec, 2013

Interior of new Fink multiplace chamber, IMC.

Drs Moffat (left), Robbins and Stabile at Utah Valley, Dec 2013

Homestead crater dive site, 40 min from downtown Salt Lake City, water temperature 90F.

Homestead crater dive site, rental equipment

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Chris KeithDuke / Inter Mountain Health (Salt Lake City) Experience