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Annmarie Thompson, MD

Dr. Annemarie Thompson
Residency Program Director

March 21, 2019

A lot has happened since the last installment of Vital Signs: interview season, holidays, rank lists, match days, ACC Championship playoff days, happy days. Speaking of happy days, I just returned from a visiting professorship at the University of Nebraska where I had a great time talking about perioperative medicine, vision, action, and the transformative changes that have occurred in perioperative medicine here at Duke. The visit to Omaha, still drying out from the recent flooding, was also an opportunity to reconnect with old friends (yes, I’m talking to you, Sasha Shillcutt) and meet new ones (welcome to being a program director, Andrea Dutoit). I am sincerely grateful for the privilege of visiting and learning from our colleagues in Nebraska.

Now that I’m back at Duke, it is time to focus on what’s important – the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Just kidding (kind of). Last week, we welcomed 15 new faces to the Duke Anesthesiology family! They are an accomplished group, and I cannot wait for you to meet them! This doesn’t happen without the dedication of the faculty and residents who volunteer their time to help out in the screening, selection and interview process. THANK YOU!!

Match Class of 2023

There’s still so much to catch up on, but I will conclude with the announcement of our 2019-2020 Resident Leadership.  We have an outstanding class of rising CA-3s, and I am pleased to introduce you to next year’s resident leaders:

Chief Residents

Alison Brown, MDAlison Brown, MD

Ali was born in New York and received her bachelor’s degree in spanish modified with biology from Dartmouth College in 2010 before matriculating to Duke University School of Medicine. She has served as one of the program’s GME representatives on the hospital’s Committee for Patient Safety and Quality and will pursue a pediatric anesthesiology fellowship after graduation.

Delbert Lamb, MDDelbert Lamb, MD

Del was born in South Dakota and received his bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of North Dakota Grand Forks in 2012 before matriculating to the University of North Dakota School of Medicine. An avid basketball player and fan, Del has served as one of our Social Chairs during his CA1 year and is a representative on the Institutional GME Resident Council. He, like Ali, is also planning to pursue a pediatric anesthesiology fellowship.

Education Chief Residents

Bridger Bach, MDBridger Bach, MD

Bridger was born in Utah and received his bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering from the University of Utah in 2012 where he continued his medical studies prior to joining us for residency. He co-chairs TRIPOM-USA, a resident perioperative educational collaborative. He will begin a pain medicine fellowship after completing his residency.

Andrew Wong, MDAndrew Wong, MD

Andrew was born in Pennsylvania and received his bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering from Duke University in 2012 before matriculating to the University of Virginia School of Medicine. He will pursue a regional anesthesiology and acute pain medicine fellowship following his residency.

ACES Chief Resident

John McManigle, MD, PhDJohn McManigle, MD, DPhil

John was born in England and received his bachelor’s degree in physics from the Pennsylvania State University in 2008 before matriculating to Duke University School of Medicine. He received his DPhil from Oxford University in biomedical engineering and returned to Duke University to complete his medical degree in 2016. During medical school, John was selected as a Feagin Medical Scholar to learn about leadership in medicine. After residency, John will begin a pediatric anesthesiology fellowship.

Please join me in congratulating Ali, Del, Bridger, Andrew, and John!

For those of you in the bracket race, good luck, and I hope you selected the right shade of blue to win.


Published in Anesthesia & Analgesia. 2018 Jul;127(1):284-288. PubMed PMID: 29324493.

“Anesthesia-Guided Palliative Care in the Perioperative Surgical Home Model”

Cobert J, Hauck J, Flanagan E, Knudsen N, Galanos A.

2018-19 Chief Residents

CENTRAL LINE :: 3/18/2019-3/25/2019


  • Congratulations to Duke Anesthesia for a successful match for the Class of 2023!
  • Kudos to all teams who participated in the Anesthesia Walking Challenge. Stay tuned for the final results!
  • QI project presentations will be held on March 21st (powerpoints and abstracts due today)
  • Abstract submissions for Academic Evening due by April 5th

Weekend Days
– This weekend (3/23-3/24): Anderson, Fah
– Next weekend (3/30-3/31): Cotter, Wackerle

Night Float
– This week (3/16-3/21): Cobert, Wackerle
– Next week (3/23-3/28): Mangubat, Dierkes

Friday Night
– This Friday (3/22): Devinney, Young
– Next Friday (3/29): Hall, Cutrone

Liver Call Weekend (pager: 970-7320)
– This weekend (3/23-3/24): Wong
– Next weekend (3/30-3/31): Bangura

Liver Call Weekday (pager: 970-7320)
– Liver day (3/18-3/22): Roberts
– Liver night (3/17-3/21): Ellison
– Liver day (3/25-3/29): Yan
– Liver night (3/24-3/28): Anderson

OB Weekend
– Saturday 3/23 AM: Madsen
– Saturday 3/23 PM: Frangakis
– Sunday 3/24 AM: Yan
– Saturday 3/30 AM: Anderson
– Saturday 3/30 PM: Dierkes
– Sunday 3/31 AM: Krom

ASC Fridays
– This Friday (3/22): Krom
– Next Friday (3/29): Fah

SIM SESSIONS – 4-6 pm – page charge CRNA *7853 to ask for relief at 3:45 pm. These are mandatory sessions. Please remind each other.
– Monday (3/18): Cotter, Fox, Ellison
– Monday (3/25): Cutrone, Fah, Young, Tang

– CA-3 on-call pager (9313) is covered by CA-3 on general OR call.
– Liver call pager (7320) is always covered.
– Regional resident pager (5317) is covered by regional resident starting at 0630, then PACU/attending once regional resident leaves. This pager is covered by CA-3 on call on the weekends.
– PACU CA-3 pager (5325).

Please stop by during the office hours listed below. Or, please feel free to contact any of our leadership to schedule a meeting outside of standard office hours.

Dr. Annemarie Thompson (Program Director): Upon request for April.

Dr. Brian Colin and Dr. Ankeet Udani (Assistant Program Directors): Per request.

Jessica Burkhart (Senior Program Coordinator): Monday – Friday, 8 – 4 p.m. in HAFS office

Shelby Schultz (Junior Program Coordinator): Monday – Friday, 8 – 4 p.m. in HAFS office

Don’t forget to complete your vacation and schedule (rising CA-2 and CA3’s) forms by March 31st! Please return forms to Jessica.

Duke Health wants to showcase our residents online! Please contact Jennifer Schwabel and Jessica Burkhart if you’re interested in creating a video for your physician profile page! Check out Dr. Thomas Buchheit’s profile video for a great example.

Wellness Opportunities
Want to talk with someone?

Personal Assistance Service (PAS) is the faculty/employee assistance program of Duke University that is FREE. The staff of licensed professionals offers assessment, short-term counseling, and referrals to help resolve a range of personal, work, and family problems. PAS services are available at no charge to Duke faculty and staff, and their immediate family members. An appointment to meet with a PAS counselor may be arranged by calling the PAS office at 919-416-1PAS (919-416-1727), Monday through Friday between 8:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. Four premium time appointment slots are being offered each week for GME trainees only. Two appointments are at 7 am (Tuesdays and Fridays), and two appointments are at 5 pm (Mondays and Wednesdays), each week.

24 x 7 behavioral health support for GME trainees, including urgent support for those experiencing behavioral health crises during nights and weekends: During normal business hours, and for non‐urgent behavioral health care needs, PAS (919‐416‐1727), Duke Psychiatry (919‐684‐0100) or Employee Health (919‐684‐3136) are resources to access timely behavioral health care.

Next Week in Lectures

CA 1 (March 26): From Lumbar Drains to Exploding Brains to the Site of Memory’s Domain: A Brief Tour of Neuroanesthesiology with Dr Miles Berger

CA 2/3 (March 27): Neuromonitoring and Neuroanesthesia with Dr Amanda Faulkner

Thursday (March 28): Respect and Thinking Critically as a Leader with the Leadership Series Team

To view the complete list of job postings, visit the Box Account. Email Shelby or Jessica to get added!

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