Julia Kozlowski

Julia Kozlowski

2018 Neuroscience Graduate with Distinction

Date Joined Laboratory
October 2016
Date Left Laboratory
May 2018


Julia Kozlowski and Dr Andrea Nackley at the April 2018 undergraduate thesis poster session Julia Kozlowski and Dr Xin Zhang at the April 2018 undergraduate thesis poster session

Congratulations to Julia Kozlowski, Duke senior undergraduate, on successfully presenting her scientific poster on April 24, 2018 as the concluding part for her Neuroscience Graduation with Distinction degree. Julia was mentored by Drs. Andrea Nackley and Xin Zhang, who also formed part of her thesis committee. Julia leaves our lab to become a medical student at the University of Michigan.


Sustained Stimulation of β2- and β3-adrenergic Receptors Leads to Persistent Functional Pain and Neuroinflammation.
Zhang X, Hartung JE, Bortsov A, Kim S, O’Buckley SC, Kozlowski J, Nackley AG.
Brain, Behavior, and Immunity. 2018 June 20 [Epub ahead of print].

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