Katie Kanter

Katie Kanter

2018 Neuroscience Graduate

June 2018 – Katie started as a Clinical Research Coordinator in the Corcoran lab at Massachusetts General Hospital’s Tucker Gosnell Center for Gastrointestinal Cancers in Boston.

Date Joined Laboratory
October 2016
Date Left Laboratory
May 2018


Duke 2017 Summer Neuroscience Program Fellowship Award
Title: Effects of MOR-1K Genetic Variation on Cellular Activity
Summary: Opioid induced hyperalgesia manifests as increased pain sensitivity due to acute or chronic opioid administration. A truncated variant in the mu opioid receptor, MOR-1K, has been linked to pain in human genetic studies, and shown to produce cellular excitation, resulting in hyperalgesia rather than analgesia.The Nackley Lab has identified a candidate single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) within the enhancer box regulatory motif on MOR-1K exon 13 in CXB7/ByJ mice, that is predicted to contribute to the increased pain sensitivity observed in this variant compared to 129S6 mice. The proposed work will continue a previously unpublished study by the Nackley lab, to elucidate alterations to MOR-1K receptor function related to this SNP using a cAMP assay, and ultimately examine changes to transcriptional regulation via a luciferase assay.

Robert Baldi
Lab Research Analyst II
Laboratory Manager
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