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We are working on new strategies for organ protection by boosting highly conserved signaling pathways that Nature has designed to protect cells from various forms of stress-induced damage. Small ubiquitin-like modifier (SUMO1-3) conjugation is an archetypical signaling pathway that is known to protect cells from various kinds of stress. Our data support the notion that targeting SUMO conjugation is a promising new strategy for protecting organs in the clinical setting.Our long-term goal is to improve outcomes in patients who suffer a stroke or other forms of brain ischemic injury.

SUMO Research Projects

Major SUMO Research Projects

Wulf Paschen, PhD
Wulf Paschen, PhD

Laboratory Director
Professor in Anesthesiology

Wei Yang, PhD
Wei Yang, PhD
Assistant Professor

Shuai Liu, PhD
Shuai Liu, PhD
Postdoctoral Associate

Pei Miao
Pei Miao
Research Technician II

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Wulf Paschen, PhD

Wulf Paschen, PhD

Professor in Anesthesiology
Research Professor in Neurobiology
Director, Molecular Neurobiology Laboratory

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