Congratulations to our three, 2014 DIG winners!

After careful consideration, the DIG Application Review Committee, comprised of: Dr. Manuel Fontes, Dr. Tong-Joo Gan , Dr. Ru-Rong Ji, Dr. Joseph Mathew, Dr. Richard Moon, Dr. Mark Newman, Dr. Mihai Podgoreanu, Dr. Andrew Shaw, Dr. Mark Stafford-Smith, and Dr. David Warner, selected three research studies to receive the grant.  We would like to recognize and congratulate the following 2014 DIG recipients:

1. Miles Berger, MD, PhD, for his study, “Determination of the Role of Alzheimer’s Disease Pathways in Post-Operative Cognitive Dysfunction.”

2. Thomas J. Van de Ven, MD, PhD, for his study, “The role of FXR, TGR5 and the Bile Acid Pathway in the Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Post-Nerve Injury Pain.”

3. Zhiquan Zhang, PhD, for his study, “Sirtuin-3 Modulation of acetylation in the treatment of perioperative myocardial reperfusion injury.”

We are confident that their work will truly improve and advance the field of anesthesiology, and want to thank the review committee and all of our DREAM supporters who make the DIG possible.