Dr. Zhang Wins Poster Award at Inaugural Pain Meeting

Dr. Zhang with is award winning poster.

Duke Anesthesiology’s Xin Zhang, MD, PhD, received an award for “Outstanding Poster” at the first Translational Pain Research Symposium, held on June 21 – 23 at Duke Kunshan University in China. His poster is titled, “Activation of peripheral β2 and β3ARs leads to increased nociceptor activity.”

Zhang and Nackley China June 2017

Drs. Zhang and Nackley

As noted in the abstract, Dr. Zhang’s research shows that i) COMT inhibition leads to pain sensitivity, in line with increased ERK phosphorylation in DRG neurons and strengthened nociceptor activity in response to noxious stimuli, ii) COMT-dependent increases in pain sensitivity and nociceptor activity are driven by peripheral β2- and β3ARs, and iii) treatments targeted towards peripheral β2- and β3ARs and downstream effectors may prove useful in the management of functional pain syndromes. The team of investigators includes Duke Anesthesiology’s Andrea Nackley, PhD, Seungtae Kim, MD, PhD, and Sandra O’Buckley.

Dr. Zhang is a postdoctoral fellow with The Nackley Lab, part of Duke Anesthesiology’s Center for Translational Pain Medicine which is dedicated to unraveling the causes of painful conditions to better improve patient care. The Translational Pain Research Symposium was held on the new state-of-the-art campus of Duke Kunshan University. The goals of the conference were to present recent advances in basic science research of pain mechanisms, introduce cutting-edge techniques in pain research, and bridge the gap between basic research and clinical applications.