Miles Berger, MD, PhD – 2014

Determination of the Role of Alzheimer’s Disease Pathways in Post-Operative
Cognitive Dysfunction

In May of 2014, Dr. Berger was awarded a two-year, $150,000 International Anesthesia Research Society Mentored Research Award, entitled, “The trajectory and significance of perioperative changes in AD biomarkers.”

Thomas Van de Ven, MD, PhD – 2014

The role of FXR, TGR5 and the Bile Acid Pathway in the Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Post-Nerve Injury Pain

In November of 2015, Dr. Van de Ven received a 3-year, $1.5 million Department of Defense (DoD) Neurosensory Research grant renewal for his VIPER (Veterans Integrated Pain Evaluation Research) study entitled “Chronic Pain after Amputation: Inflammatory Mechanisms, Novel Analgesic Pathways, and Improved Patient Safety.”