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Duke Anesthesiology alumni bring their talents and enthusiasm to universities, hospitals, businesses, and patients worldwide. We take great pride in these talented men and women who play an integral role in strengthening our department and making it an ideal environment in which future generations of trainees can learn, work, and achieve excellence. At Duke, we believe that continued engagement with our alumni is the key to our future success.

ASA Highlights

2022 Duke Anesthesiology Alumni Event - Thank you!

That’s a Wrap! Highlights from ASA 2022

It was another successful American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) meeting for Duke Anesthesiology! View the photo gallery and read the full recap from New Orleans!


Alunni Notes

Dr. Laura Nicklason

Q&A with Dr. Laura Niklason

Dr. Laura Niklason is an internationally-renowned physician-scientist whose groundbreaking research in vascular and lung tissue engineering led her to become a world leader in regenerative medicine.

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Congratulations to our residents and fellows, Class of 2022!

2021-2022 Duke Anesthesiology Fellowship Graduates
2021-2022 Duke Anesthesiology Residency Graduates