The Duke Advanced Airway Program in the Department of Anesthesiology offers a multidisciplinary comprehensive training course in advanced airway management to attending physicians, residents, and fellows of anesthesiology, ENT, critical care, and emergency medicine.

Course Highlights

  • Evidence-based lecture series
  • Difficult airway workshops
  • Surgical cricothyrotomy
  • Airway ultrasound
  • Case-based discussions
  • High-flow nasal oxygenation

Target Audience

Anesthesiologists, critical care physicians, emergency medicine physicians, residents and fellows of anesthesiology, critical medicine, otorhinolaryngology, and emergency medicine.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the course, you will be able to:

  1. Develop appropriate airway management strategies based on detailed physical examination, airway evaluation, radiological studies and preoperative nasal airway examination.
  2. Recognize signs of difficult airway and devise appropriate airway management strategy in the unanticipated difficult airway.
  3. Describe the techniques to adequately topicalize the airway and perform safe awake tracheal intubation in patients with difficult airway.
  4. Describe the techniques used for achieving lung isolation with double lumen tubes and bronchial blockers.
  5. Develop appropriate plans to manage patients with anticipated difficult extubation.

What is Included

  1. Certificate of completion
  2. Breakfast and lunch for both days 

Meet the Team

Professor of Anesthesiology
Assistant Professor of Head and Neck Surgery and Communication Sciences
Associate Professor of Anesthesiology
Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology
Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology


7:45-8:00 am Welcome and Introduction Chakib M. Ayoub, MD, MBA
8:00-11:00 am Airway Lecture Series  
8:00-8:30 am Advanced Airway Assessment Vijay K. Ramaiah, MBBS, MD
8:30-9:00 am Innovation in Airway Management Chakib M. Ayoub, MD, MBA
9:00-9:30 am Supraglottic Airway Bret W. Stop, MD, PhD
9:30-9:40 am Break  
9:40-10:00 am Surgical Airway Alissa M. Collins, MD
10.00-10.20 am Lung Isolation Negmeldeen F. Mamoun, MD
10:20-10:30 am Break  
10:30-11:00 am Case Based Discussion Vijay K. Ramaiah, MBBS, MD
11:00-11:15 pm Break  
11:15 am-12:30 pm Airway Workshops Session 1  
  Station 1: Video Laryngoscopy Bret W. Stop, MD, PhD
  Station 2: Flexible Scope Intubation Chakib M. Ayoub, MD, MBA
  Station 3: Intubating LMA and Supraglottic Airway as Conduit for Intubation Vijay K. Ramaiah, MBBS, MD
  Station 4: Lung Isolation and One Lung Ventilation Negmeldeen F. Mamoun, MD
  Station 5: Surgical Cricothyrotomy Swine Trachea Alissa M. Collins, MD & Vijay K. Ramaiah, MBBS, MD
12:30-1:30 pm Lunch Break  
1:30-2:30 pm Airway Workshops Session 2  
  Station 6: Airway Exchange Catheters Negmeldeen F. Mamoun, MD
  Station 7: Retrograde Intubation Bret W. Stop, MD, PhD
  Station 8: Airway Ultrasound Vijay K. Ramaiah, MBBS, MD
  Station 9: Airway Blocks and Topicalization Chakib M. Ayoub, MD, MBA
2:30-3:00 pm Conclusion Chakib M. Ayoub, MD, MBA
3:00 pm Adjourn  


  • The information provided at this educational activity is for continuing medical education purposes only. It is meant for the sole use of persons intending to enhance their knowledge and understanding of advanced airway management and is NOT meant to substitute the independent medical judgment of a physician relative to diagnostic and treatment options of a specific patient’s medical condition.
  • Every effort has been made in supplying information that is accurate and current. However, the Department of Anesthesiology at Duke University Medical Center does not accept responsibility for errors or omissions and accepts no liability for any loss or damage howsoever arising.