Who We Partner With

Duke Surgery – we work very closely with our surgical and other colleagues to achieve the best possible outcomes for our patients. Perioperative care involves a multidisciplinary team effort to optimize patients before surgery, help them recover from surgery as quickly as possible and return to their normal quality of life.

Perioperative Anesthesia and Surgery Screening (PASS) clinic – many of our faculty also work in the PASS clinic. It is designed to help patients improve their overall well-being as they prepare for surgery, in order to positively impact their surgical experience and long-term health outcomes.

Acute Pain Service (APS) – we use multimodal and regional anesthesia techniques to minimize postoperative pain, and work closely with our colleagues in the APS to provide a seamless transition in pain management from the operating rooms to the postoperative wards.

UK Universities – we collaborate closely with University College London and University of Southampton. Together, we launched the Morpheus Consortium on June 8, 2016. It is the branding of three universities with one shared goal – to be leaders in perioperative medicine and enhanced recovery after surgery, ultimately improving the patient’s journey from the moment their surgery is contemplated to full recovery.