The Pediatric Anesthesiology Division is very active with primary investigator initiated, societal and industry funded research. Much of the specific research has centered around pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of anesthesia agents, pain research, hemostasis strategies in the congenital cardiac patients, and participation in large databases and multicenter studies. Drs. Edmund Jooste and Kelly Machovec have created and lead the Hemostasis Interest Group, a group associated with the Congenital Cardiac Anesthesia Society that facilitates research and collaboration among the top congenital heart centers in the country around hemostasis management following cardiopulmonary bypass in children. The entire division is involved in many anesthesia medication and pain studies that are either industry funded or part of NIH multi-center studies. Drs. Allison Ross, Lisa Einhorn and Andrea Udani are experts in pain management and regional pain blocks and have pioneered the use of and research into the use of regional techniques to decrease the use of opioids during surgery. Drs. Warwick Ames and H. Mayumi Homi continue to collaborate with members of the Department of Pediatrics in imaging studies for chronic disease, such as autism and cerebral palsy. Dr Brad Taicher is another very active researcher and in addition, is the department’s quality and safety officer with many innovative quality assurance projects that are changing the care in the pediatric perioperative arena. Drs. John Eck and Elizabeth Malinzak are our master educators for fellows, residents and medical students; they continue to study and innovate around teaching tools and educational options, which include flipped class rooms and simulations.

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