Duke Anesthesiology Career Service Awards

Duke Anesthesiology proudly recognizes members of the department who have demonstrated outstanding service and dedication to Duke! We thank them for their commitment to this team and the patients we serve!

Janet E. Goral

Narda Croughwell
Dianne L. Scott

Robin B. Coleman
Gary W. Massey

Christine Eaton
Nancy W. Knudsen
Jonathan B. Mark
Mark F. Newman

Jennifer Parsons
Allison K. Ross
E. June Santa
Christopher Young

Patricia M. Allushuski
Maurice L. Begin
John B. Eck

Nancy M. Kota
John F. Pierce
Melanie M. Sennett

Laura L. Booth
Karen Clemmons
Stuart A. Grant
Victoria Grossman
Paula Hawkns

Katharine S. Heinkel
Carrie A. Hines
William P. Norcross
Caswell S. Patmore

Earl S. Ransom
Jennifer Sanford
Cheryl J. Stetson
Marcy S. Tucker

Debra T. Allen
Wendy Bush
Natalie S. Clarke
Brian J. Colin
Sonia B. Crabtree
Charles E. Creel

Allan S. Fabito
Ilene B. Farkas
Patricia P. Fletcher
Stephen M. Melton
Sarah Miller
Timothy E. Miller

Allison Mooney
Michael A. Neal
Srinivas Pyati
Aaron J. Sandler
Mark W. Schontz
Erlinda Yeh

Rory Camasura
Shannon Currie
Jennifer Dominguez
Jennifer Easterling
Eric Ehieli
Lisa M. Einhorn
Reginald Enierga
Merrie Gough
Kirk Hamilton
Scott Helms

Lori A. Hester
Ru-Rong Ji
Amber Johnson
Courtney H. Kalkhof
Kelly A. Machovec
Erin Manning
Janina Marcenaro
Karen McCain
Collins Mogbo

Rachel E. Morales
Jennifer Neifeld
Karthik Raghunathan
Richard Runkle
Zaneta Y. Strouch
Dharamdeo Surujpaul
Zebulon Thomeczek
Elizabeth Wilder
Magan Zani

Chris KeithDuke Anesthesiology Career Service Awards
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Pediatric Medical Mission in the Philippines

Dr. Kelly Machovec and Emily Funk, CRNAWith a population of nearly 102 million and a birth rate of 24 per 1,000, congenital heart disease (CHD) is a significant health concern in the Philippines. Annually, 20,000 children with CHD are born in the Philippines and one out of four of those patients dies due to lack of medical treatment. According the World Health Organization, CHD is currently the fourth leading cause of death in Filipino children under the age of five.

A multidisciplinary team from Duke University Health System (DUHS), led by Dr. Andrew Lodge, returned to the Philippine Children’s Medical Center (PCMC) on April 18 for their fifth cardiac surgery mission. During their trip, the team successfully completed ten open heart operations on children with a variety of congenital heart defects. Duke Anesthesiology’s Dr. Kelly Machovec and Emily Funk, CRNA, participated in the provision of anesthetic care for the children. Diagnoses treated on this surgical mission included total anomalous pulmonary venous connection, ventricular septal defects, atrial septal defects, patent ductus arteriosus, tetralogy of fallot, and A-V septal defect.

Additional team members from the DUHS included pediatric cardiologist, Dr. Stephen Miller, perfusionists, Greg Smigla and Sam Kaiser, respiratory therapist, Amy Zinn, intensivists, Dr. Jen Turi and Jean Koo NP, OR nurses, Michelle Figurerres and Keiza Clerigo, and ICU nurses, Karen Osborne, Amanda Litton, Amanda Hodges, Leigh Pedersen and Shelly Stock.

Pediatric Medical Mission in the Philippines
Chris KeithPediatric Medical Mission in the Philippines
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Chief Nurse Anesthetist Appointed

After an extensive search, please join us in congratulating Adam Flowe, CRNA, MSN, on his appointment as Chief Nurse Anesthetist for Duke University Hospital (DUH). In his new role, Flowe will oversee day-to-day operations for the Perioperative Services-based CRNAs and anesthesia technicians as well as provide support to other Duke University Medical Center CRNAs.

Flowe has served as the interim chief nurse anesthetist for Duke University Hospital for the past ten months. He originally joined DUH as a registered nurse in 2003. After working in the Intensive Care Unit and Endoscopy Units, Flowe completed his anesthesia training in 2008 and went on to join the CRNA staff in the main operating room. Two years later, he joined the CRNA management team in the Duke North/Duke Medicine Pavilion operating rooms providing operations and leadership support for his fellow CRNAs and anesthesia technicians. Flowe graduated from the College of William and Mary, UNC-Chapel Hill, UNC-Greensboro (the Raleigh School of Nurse Anesthesia). Before beginning his medical career at Duke, Flowe was a middle school teacher and a U.S. public health service officer. He says his mother-in-law, a retired emergency department nurse in Eatonton, Georgia, inspired him to switch careers and become a registered nurse.

Flowe is originally from Gloucester County, Virginia. He currently lives in Durham with his wife, Mollie, and their three kids. Please join us in welcoming Adam Flowe to his new position which is effective immediately.

Chris KeithChief Nurse Anesthetist Appointed
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Megan Foureman Nominated for “Excellence in Nursing”

The Duke Medicine Friends of Nursing program recognizes and rewards nurses for their valuable roles as caregiver, educator, researcher, colleague, patient advocate and friend. Awards include an educational stipend, recognition within the Duke Raleigh Hospital, and a presentation at the annual Friends of Nursing Gala each fall. Since the program began in 1998, Friends of Nursing has supported the professional development of more than 1,000 Duke nurses. Nominations for “Excellence in Nursing” awards can be submitted by patients, their family members and health system colleagues. To nominate a registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse for the Duke Raleigh Friends of Nursing Award, click here.

Chris KeithMegan Foureman Nominated for “Excellence in Nursing”
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Winners Announced for the Annual Strength, Hope, and Caring Team Award

Congratulations to Mike Neal, CRNA, MSN; Catherine Suitt, NP, MSN, FNP-C; and Kelly Jackson, RN for winning the 2015 annual Strength, Hope and Caring Team Award. They received this award due to the heroism shown during a fire in the dialysis unit back in 2013. Read more about that story.

Chris KeithWinners Announced for the Annual Strength, Hope, and Caring Team Award
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