Duke Anesthesiology Fist Bump

Fist Bump for Meg Hardesty, BA, Nia Hammett, MBS, Angelina Xiong, BA, and Chelsea Hignite, BS (CRU)

Great job to Meg, Nia, Angelina, and Chelsea within the Duke Anesthesiology CRU for being recognized by Washington University for their quality and thoroughness of the data collection in the THRIVE protocol. Research staff was commended and asked to present on proper documentation of neurocognitive testing and acknowledged for being one of the top CAM assessment sites. - Kelly Rodden, RN, BSN

Fist Bump for Nitin Mehdiratta, MD

Dr. Mehdiratta set an absolutely pristine example of compassionate, thoughtful and dynamic care for a very complex patient. He demonstrated to the team what patient-centered care looks like, while also teaching and providing feedback. His calm demeanor and empathy for the patient experience was a true representation of leading by example. - Emily Barney, MD

Fist Bump for Erica Harris, CRNA

While we were on call, Erica went above and beyond the call of duty in helping to hold a trauma patient still for a neuraxial procedure. The patient was so fatigued that they literally would have fallen off of the OR table if not for Erica holding them up - it was a physically exhausting task, but she did it without complaint because the patient needed the procedure. - Miles Berger, MD

Fist Bump for Anne Walker, MD and Sydney Reed, MD

Anne Walker and Sydney Reed were incredibly supportive when one of my daughters recently had a serious complication that sent us rushing to the Duke ED. Thankfully she was okay, but she did require several hours of monitoring and bloodwork such that we didn’t get home until 2 am. Sydney was quick to arrange coverage in case I needed to miss my scheduled cases for the following day and to offer any other help that I might need. Complicating the situation was that I was also scheduled to be on liver call the next day, with a transplant posted.

Fist Bump for Ashraf Habib, MD and Molly Bonenberger, CRNA

Dr. Habib and Molly really pulled together during an unexpected placenta accreta case! Molly was such a huge team player and Dr. Habib brought his calm demeanor and incredible knowledge to the main OR team! This patient was lucky to have such excellent care from two kind individuals! - Emily Barney, MD

Fist Bump for Katherine Sun, MD

Katie truly stepped up when a colleague fell sick during a very busy OR day. Despite recovering from an illness herself, she selflessly took over and absolutely crushed it! She is a true role model for our department, and I am so happy to work with folks like her and even more thrilled that she’ll be joining our faculty soon!!!
- Sachin Mehta, MD

Fist Bump for Ravenscroft Pre-K Students and Teachers

For the third consecutive year, the pre-K students and teachers at Ravenscroft donated toys, games and clothes to pediatric patients at Duke Children’s Hospital. With the help of the Duke Child Life team, these donations are given to hospitalized children of all ages. Each year, Ravenscroft collects gifts to teach their pre-K students about community service and honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Thank you again, Ravenscroft! - Andrea Udani, MD

Fist Bump for Emily Masterson, MD

A big thank you to Emily Masterson for going above and beyond during her cardiac rotation to help out her co-residents, including preoping and consenting patients, setting up ORs, and being a super competent helping hand! - Haley Amenson, MD

Fist Bump for Russell-John Krom, MD and Thomas Bunning, MD

Both Rj and Tom stayed super late to take care of a patient of theirs who had a complication postoperatively and had already been taken to the ICU. Tom even went as far as missing an important appointment and coming back from the parking lot. An unbelievable example by an attending and resident of going above and beyond to put the patient first and provide exemplary care. - Omar Al-Qudsi, MBBS

Fist bump for Marie-Louise Meng, MD and Elena Bogdanova, CRNA

Thank you to Marie-Louise Meng, MD, and Elena Bogdanova, CRNA, who both made the extra effort to take care of a sick patient for a weekend procedure. They went above and beyond to show caring and compassion and ensured that the patient received the care they needed at a time when we did not have resources to cover the procedure. Thank you to both for living true Duke values! - Madhav Swaminathan, MD