Duke Anesthesiology Fist Bump

Fist Bump for Elizabeth Futrell

Thank you for going above and beyond and helping to organize my area at the office during the pandemic. I am very grateful for your help during this stressful time. - Niccola Piscitelli

Fist Bump for Caroline Irish

Thank you for helping to acclimate the new Critical Care Medicine faculty members on campus. I appreciate it greatly during these times. We have a great team in our department. - Niccola Piscitelli

Fist Bump for Sarah Hill

Thanks, Sarah, for going above and beyond every day supporting the Division of Veterans Affairs Anesthesiology Service! - Atilio Barbeito, MD

Fist Bump for Jack Newman and Stacey Hilton

Thank you to Jack and Stacey for working so hard on our virtual graduations! You went above and beyond to make this unprecedented time special for all of our graduates. We all sincerely appreciate all of your time and dedication to these important events for our trainees! - Susan Morris

Fist Bump for Ken Childs

I want to give a shout out to Ken Childs for his help with all of our IT issues and requests. Ken and his team have kept the department's computers, servers and other technology running smoothly throughout these unprecedented times. THANK YOU KEN! - Chris Keith

Fist Bump for Christopher Keith

Christopher Keith has stepped up and helped the education office with multiple projects over the past few months. His knowledge and skills are incredibly invaluable and we are lucky to have him on the team! Thank you, Chris, for all that you've done! - Susan Morris

Fist Bump for David Luu, MD

I wanted to recognize and thank Dr. David Luu for his hard work and dedication in taking care of our very sick patients. He personally managed care for a patient who was rapidly decompensating, coordinated a procedure with another team and managed the patient throughout the procedure which was late in the day. He is always ready to help, has a great attitude and is a great team player. David, you are awesome. Strong work and thanks for all you do! – Nazish Hashmi, MD

Fist Bump for Susan Morris and Jack Newman

I wanted to acknowledge Susan and Jack's hard work and efforts in organizing the adult cardiac anesthesia fellowship interviews. They embraced the virtual interview season with amazing enthusiasm and helped keep the process and faculty on track. The virtual interview season progressed without any glitches because of them. Great job and thank you for your hard work. - Nazish Hashmi, MD

Fist Bump for Brad Taicher, DO

Major kudos to Brad for staffing the eye center by himself with mostly adult patients. This was an immense help, as it allowed us to facilitate running the schedule in the main ORs. "Taich" is a consummate team player. - Eugene Moretti, MD