Duke Anesthesiology Fist Bump

Fist Bump for Lori Bell

VIEW VIDEO: Lori, thank you for the weekend work you are doing to pull the billing data you are providing for the weekly COVID financial reports. - John Borrelli

Fist Bump for Conal Ho, PhD

I would like to thank Conal for his never-ending willingness to help and provide regulatory guidance. May it be an IRB question or FDA regulation/policy, he is always happy to assist. In times when our IRB is swamped with urgent submissions of COVID-19 trials, Conal still manages to make himself available and lend a helping hand. Thank you for everything you do! - Alice Szydlowska, MBA

Fist Bump for Thomas Hopkins, MD

VIEW VIDEO: I'd like to give this fist bump out to Tom Hopkins for helping us out during an emergency level one case in the OR this weekend when we really needed all hands-on deck. Thanks, Tom. This fist bump's for you. - Miles Berger, MD

Fist Bump for Jeroen Molinger, MSc

VIEW VIDEO: This Fist-Bump goes out to Jeroen Molinger for his incredible dedication and commitment to the LEEP-COVID trial of Longitudinal Metabolic and Cardiac Physiology in COVID-19 patients. He is working nights, weekends and 14 hour days assessing COVID patients to provide some of the first data in the world on the metabolic pathophysiology of COVID-19 and to improve ability of clinicians to optimize care and patient outcomes.

Fist Bump for Jhana Parikh and Jake Ribet

VIEW VIDEO: I would like send a huge shout out to Jhana Parikh and Jake Ribet, two of our amazing clinical research coordinators in our Anesthesiology CRU. Thank you so much for performing in-person research activities on positive COVID patients in Paul Wischmeyer’s LEAP-COVID trial. This is not something you had to do and I am so appreciative to both of you for answering our call for volunteers. Thank you! - Tiffany Bisanar

Fist Bump for Gavin Martin, MD

VIEW VIDEO: Hi everyone, I wanted to give a quick shout out to Gavin Martin, my friend and colleague, for the fantastic job he is doing bringing our department together during this very tough time. Thanks, Gavin! - Madhav Swaminathan, MD

Fist Bump for Yasmin Maisonave, MD

Thank you for your awesome effort as the board runner for Cardiac. She handled a transplant and a busy schedule with limited staff and fellow availability and still managed to come out on top! Thanks for your hard work and dedication to your team and trainees. – Nazish Hashmi, MD

Fist Bump for Kamrouz Ghadimi, MD

Kudos to Kam for spearheading the initiative to train non-ICU physicians in critical care in time to take care of patients during the surge. Thanks, Kam!! – Madhav Swaminathan, MD

Fist Bump for Kathryn Pearson, MD

While I was working a night shift in the VA SICU, a veteran on comfort care requested a strawberry milkshake. Kate (who has been in the PICU) was kind enough to pick up a milkshake and deliver it to the VA; the veteran was incredibly grateful and had a big smile. I am really appreciative for Kate using her time off to help us provide holistic care for our patient. – Nathaniel Erskine, MD