Duke Anesthesiology Fist Bump

Fist Bump for Kathryn Pearson, MD

While I was working a night shift in the VA SICU, a veteran on comfort care requested a strawberry milkshake. Kate (who has been in the PICU) was kind enough to pick up a milkshake and deliver it to the VA; the veteran was incredibly grateful and had a big smile. I am really appreciative for Kate using her time off to help us provide holistic care for our patient. – Nathaniel Erskine, MD

Fist Bump for Jack Newman

I would like to thank Jack Newman for all of his hard work with our virtual fellowship interviews. He has gone above and beyond from helping us set up and run interview days, testing ideas, and troubleshooting technical issues with applicants and faculty . We wouldn’t be able to do this without him! Thank you, Jack! – Susan Morris

Fist Bump for Alicja Szydlowska, MBA

Thank you to Alicja Szydlowska, BS, MBA, CCRC for her truly amazing work and commitment in getting the Longitudinal Energy Expenditure, Metabolic and Cardiac Physiology in COVID-19 Trial (LEEP-COVID) approved at the IRB so quickly and smoothly. Her incredible knowledge and insight into the new COVID IRB process, her outstanding communication skills, and willingness to often work late into the night made the approval and initiation of this trial possible. We could have never done this without her! She is an incredible asset to Duke Anesthesiology and our Clinical Research Unit!

Fist Bump for Angela Rogers, Anesthesia Tech

All the anesthesia technicians have been outstanding and we rely on them for so much. That includes our own health and safety! Angela Rogers sought me out first thing in the morning to let me know that the anesthesia equipment in the peds rooms had been thoroughly disinfected. Fist bump to Angela for taking such good care of us at a time when it means so much! – John Eck, MD