Duke Anesthesiology Fist Bump

Fist Bump for Joshua Dooley, MD

A fist bump for Dr. Joshua Dooley after witnessing a beautiful moment – a colleague approached him and asked if she could give him a thank you. She handed him a little blue ribbon with a note that read “You’re the best. You take such great care of our patients and then you walk away and the patients tell us nurses how much they love you.

Fist Bump for Derek Nelsen, MD (CA-3)

Thank you, Derek, for taking the time to assist us with our emergency case after you finished your pain service rounds. Derek identified a patient in the ICU who needed emergency surgery, called to alert us, and even intubated the patient at bedside. We are so grateful for your professionalism and dedication to your patients and colleagues. - Jeanna Blitz, MD and Andre Jacobsen, MD

Fist Bump for Kira Bruck, CRNA, Nate Erskine, MD (CA-1), Erin Manning, MD, Chris Nicholls, CRNA, Jason Stearns, MD (CA-3)

This was truly a team effort! We had an abrupting placenta accreta patient present to L&D in unstable condition necessitating an emergent ex-lap with activation of massive transfusion protocol. Dr. Manning sent up the COVID airway team (Chris and Kira) who helped me with a 4+ hour ex-lap, transfusing the patient 40+ units of products and keeping her stable. This was followed by VIR for embolization of the uterine arteries on this same patient, this time with the help of Dr. Stearns. Dr. Erskine, meanwhile, ensured that the rest of L&D continued to be cared for. Great job!

Fist Bump for Matthew Buck, MD

I really wanted to reach out to validate, commend, celebrate, and appreciate the hard work that Dr. Buck did on a recent call shift. He had an amazing can-do, get it done attitude that made an incredibly busy and complicated shift run incredibly smoothly. He was willing to run two ORs at the same time, both C-sections, which were incredibly surgically complicated. We also ran a stat under general and then staggered with laboring breach twins. All of this was done with a great attitude, a how can we make this better for our patients sentiment.

Fist Bump for Brian Ohlendorf, MD

VIEW VIDEO: Hi, this is Miles Berger. I'd like to give a fist bump to Brian Ohlendorf for taking my call shift yesterday, this past Sunday, so I could celebrate Passover with my family. Thanks, Brian. - Miles Berger, MD

Fist Bump for Sachin Mehta, MD

Sachin is incredible! When he is in the CTICU at night, he offers help to the booming CTORs by helping get cases started or doing TEEs for patients. When he's in the SICU at night, he offers help to the CTICU intensivists when they are deploying ECMO/intubating/managing a hemorrhaging patient. I have been the attending who has received this unsolicited help multiple times. His teamwork, leadership, and ability to keep an eye on the ever changing environments that we work in are simply incredible! Sachin - thank you for all of your hardwork!! - Sharon McCartney, MD

Fist Bump for Katelynne Durrant, Elizabeth Futrell, Jacole Hairston, Sarah Hill, Cynthia Hoglen, Jo Hunt, LuAnne Latta, Sarah McClaren, Audrey McGregor, Shirley Morton, Hannah Nicksick, Niccola Piscitelli, Cheryl Stetson, and Keith Woods

Thank you to the 14 staff members who went above and beyond by helping with a departmental direct mail campaign. They were critical to the success of deploying more than 1,000 mail pieces. We sincerely appreciate them offering their help to complete this important project! - Melinda Macalino and Stacey Hilton

Fist Bump for Paul Brock, CRNA and Jess Bezdziecki, CRNA

You both deserve a huge shoutout for the management of a complex patient. Paul, for also staying to further aid your relief, but Jess, for jumping in without hesitation. You all showed/epitomized the definition of teamwork. - Amanda Faulkner, MD

Fist Bump for Jon Andrews, MD

Jon works tirelessly behind the scenes as the chief administrative fellow for the ACTA program. He leads by action and example - often assuming the burden of unexpected absences or additional work. His sacrifice does not go unnoticed, and I think I speak on behalf of all the ACTA fellows when I say thank you for everything that you do! - Sawyer Naze, MD

Fist Bump for Osa Obanor, MD

Kudos to Osa, one of our Critical Care Medicine fellows! I just wanted to say great job! Osa organized donation collections from the SICU/CTICU for the Durham Rescue Mission over the holidays. I'm impressed - new to Durham but stepped up to care for your community in a wonderful way, collecting a carful of donations for the rescue mission! THANK YOU for your kindness, generosity and caring. - Nancy Knudsen, MD