Duke Anesthesiology Fist Bump

Fist Bump for Blair Costin, MD

Huge shout out to Blair for stepping up and helping the team out by covering a night shift at really short notice. Thanks for being such an amazing team player! - Nazish Hashmi, MD

Fist Bump for Frank Turcotte, RN

Frank Turcotte, RN, quickly identified an unseated magnetic PEEP valve within the ventilator circuit used in the hyperbaric chamber prior to treating a critically ill patient. Not only did he recognize the issue, he taught our entire team how to fix the issue and where to find additional replacements. Rock on Rocking Frank! - Derek Covington, MD

Fist Bump for Sophia Dunworth, MD

Sophia Dunworth was an amazing teacher for orientation. She met us at 5:45 AM on our first day to show us around, help us get scrubs, and set up our rooms. She even brought us coffee! She was very patient with us and walked us through the whole process. Could not ask for anything more! - Niki Winters, MD

Fist Bump for Ronan Walker

Thank you for getting back to us so quickly and figuring out answers. Even though you are new, you are jumping right in and it is very appreciated!! - Niki Winters, MD

Fist Bump for Michael Martinez, MD

Michael Martinez was an essential team player during a challenging peri-arrest during induction/tube exchange. Michael was the echo fellow for the case; he stayed and was incredibly calm, poised and helpful. He anticipated next steps and even helped transport the patient. While we have many excellent trainees, not many would have stayed willingly through all of the controlled chaos. He really stepped up and took ownership with us. - Angela Pollak, MD

Fist Bump for Megan Fah, MD

I want to give Megan a shout-out for taking the time to come to the CTICU and help with oral board prep multiple times, even staying late to do so when she could have gone home early on the weekend. She is awesome and I just wanted to make sure that got passed along! - Russell-John Krom, MD

Fist Bump for Clay Elliot, Emmalee Metzler, Isaac Oyediran, Hayden Rigsbee, Carrie Schlabaugh

Congratulations to the Osprey team for their extraordinary teamwork that lead to 37 consented and 30 patients enrolled in Osprey in September!! Your hard work of calling and reaching out to countless patients week after week, managing the ever-changing case times, and tracking surveys to ensure quality data goes above and beyond the call of duty. We are proud to have you all on our team!! - Alice Szydlowska, BS, MBA, CCRC and the entire CRU Management Team

Fist Bump for Jennifer David, PhD, Ravikanth Velagapudi, PhD, Pau Yen Wu, PhD

For National Postdoc Appreciation Week (9/20 to 9/24, 2021), I want to express my sincere gratitude to the tireless work that my current postdocs are contributing to my lab. Thank you Ravi, Jenny and Yen for your insights, dedication and camaraderie! - Niccolò Terrando, BSc (hons), DIC, PhD