Duke wins first place for the third year in a row at the ASA Run for the Warriors

Congratulations to the Duke Anesthesiology Racing Team for finishing in first for fundraising out of 24 teams at this year’s ASA Run for the Warriors 5K Race in San Francisco! Under the leadership of Dr. Ryan Fink, Duke surged into first by raising $9,300.00. The money raised will go towards supporting U.S. service members and their families who have been affected by injuries or death to defend our country.

A special thanks goes out the following runners and donors who helped make Duke number one:

Ryan Fink, MD (Team Captain)
Michael James, MD
Elliott Bennett-Guerrero, MD
Miles Berger, MD, PhD
Thomas Buchheit, MD
Alexander Chamessian
Kori Flower
Adam Hartz
Carrie Johnson, MD
Alex Kieber, BS
Rebecca Klinger, MD
Yinghui Low, MD
Jonathan Mark, MD
Amy Mauck
Matthew Mauck, MD

Sharon McCartney, MD
Matthew McDaniel, MD
Abigail Melnick, MD
Tim Miller, MD
Richard Moon, MD
William Nelson, MD
Alina Nicoara, MD
Ron Olson, MD
Dionne Peacher, MD
Jon Phillips
Quintin Quinones, MD, PhD
Nathan Waldron, MD
Jacqueline Zillioux
Mark Newman, MD

Catherine Kuhn, MD
Mihai Podgoreanu, MD
Anne Cherry, MD
Tera Cushman, MD
Andrew Peery, MD, MPH
David McDonagh, MD
Dinesh Kurian, MD
Elizabeth Perez, RN
Emily Funk, CRNA
Eugene Moretti, MD
Grace McCarthy, MD
John Borrelli in Memory of Giuseppe
John Lemm, MD
Kelly Machovec, MD

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ChrisDuke wins first place for the third year in a row at the ASA Run for the Warriors