A Very Special Thank you from a Patient’s Wife

Rhonda Bennett, a PACU nurse at Duke for almost 15 years, brought her husband to Duke on Tuesday, January 14, to have a minor skin legion removed. He had sleep apnea, and since he had responded poorly to anesthesia in the past, Rhonda had asked the anesthesiologist, Dr. Aaron Sandler, and the CRNA, Russell Giesler, to use minimal sedation.

Rhonda explains, “Wives worry over everything, it’s our job. I felt very reassured after speaking with the anesthesia provider and the anesthesiologist in pre-op. Russ listened to me and agreed that our request for minimal sedation was best. This gave me a voice in his care, and at no time was I felt to be an intrusive “nurse wife” (although I probably was)…THANK YOU for everything!!”

After the procedure, Rhonda’s husband came out of surgery wide-awake, in no pain, and walked out of the hospital. She says this would not have been possible if it weren’t for the compassionate care from Dr. Sandler and Russell Giesler.

Chris KeithA Very Special Thank you from a Patient’s Wife