Recent Research Grant

An inter-professional team in the Human Simulation and Patient Safety Center (HSPSC) received a 1-year, $25,000 research award from the Social Entrepreneurship Accelerator at Duke (SEAD) for a project entitled “Postpartum Hemorrhage Education Via Simulation”.

The team is pioneering the use of scalable, distributable healthcare simulation using commercial game technology with a multi-player module that specifically addresses postpartum hemorrhage (PPH).  As a proof-of-concept for global health, the PPH simulation software will be used to address gaps in care at Mulago International Referral Hospital in Kampala, Uganda, and to decrease disparities in healthcare education. We will host inter-professional, interactive, games-based simulation training sessions from Durham to Mulago using the Internet. This pilot program aims to reduce the incidence of postpartum hemorrhage, and to serve as a broader model for using simulation to scale education and to spread virtual learning through the developing world in resource-poor settings.  Additionally, we hope to use preliminary data to support a future proposal to study the efficacy of screen-based/games-based learning in global health.  Key personnel include: Jeff Taekman (MD) who is the Principal Investigator, Megan Foureman (CRNA, MSN), Amy Mauritz (MD), Adeyemi Olufolabi (MB.BS; DCH; FRCA), Michael Steele (BS) and Genevieve DeMaria (BS).

Successful PPH feasibility test connecting members from Uganda and Durham

Picture shows a successful PPH feasibility test connecting members from Durham (left) with team members in Uganda (right).

Chris KeithRecent Research Grant