David Warner, MD, Receives Mentoring Award

The FAER Anesthesiology Mentoring Excellence in Research Award, presented annually at the ASA conference, recognizes the value of outstanding mentors in anesthesiology who are shaping the future of the specialty.

This award is based on the training experiences and successes of the nominee’s mentees—not on the mentor’s personal career achievements. For this award, mentoring is defined as the process of guiding, supporting and promoting the training and career development of others. The key roles of a mentor include, but are not limited to: encouraging intellectual growth and development, guiding career development, providing professional guidance, helping mentors to network with other relevant professionals and faculty, demonstrating concern and support for personal development, advocating for the mentee, demonstrating a long-term commitment to mentoring, and being a role model.

Final selections are based on a consensus of the Mentor Award Study Section, a subcommittee of the FAER Academy of Research Mentors.

Chris KeithDavid Warner, MD, Receives Mentoring Award