Jason Hall, MD, JD, Elected Delegate to the AMA

Congratulations to Dr. Jason Hall, a Duke Anesthesiology intern, for being elected as a delegate to the American Medical Association Resident and Fellow Section (AMA-RFS) by the American College of Medical Quality (ACMQ). The AMA-RFS is the largest organization of resident and fellow physicians in the nation. It was created by the AMA in 1974 to advocate for resident and fellow physicians and to train young physician leaders. Its mission is to improve working conditions, reform America’s health care system, improve medical education, and create tools to help resident and fellow physicians succeed. Dr. Hall will represent the ACMQ for the next year at the AMA-RFS.

Along with Dr. Hall’s new position, he currently serves on one of the national standing committees for the AMA-RFS and is a member of the AMA-RFS Committee on Long Range Planning. At AMA Interim-15, he ran for the floor and was elected as an alternate delegate from the AMA-RFS to the AMA House of Delegates (AMA-HOD), also known as the “House of Medicine,” making him one of 40 residents and fellows who represent the nation’s trainees before the full AMA. Dr. Hall previously served as Vice-Speaker on the Governing Council of the AMA Medical Student Section. Membership in the RFS ensures young physicians’ voices are heard, not only in the AMA-HOD but also in the legislative, executive and judicial branches of the federal government.

Chris KeithJason Hall, MD, JD, Elected Delegate to the AMA