Advancing Health Together: Duke Health’s 2016-2020 Strategic Planning Framework

​On Friday, January 29, 2016, Duke Health distributed Advancing Health Together: 2016-2020 Strategic Planning Framework to all personnel. The framework is the product of a strategic planning initiative that started in June of 2015 and collaboratively engaged the entire Duke Health community including faculty, staff, trainees, board members, alumni and others. After much deliberation among these groups, the framework also marks the adoption of “Advancing Health Together” as the Duke Health mission statement.

“In the world of health, potential life-altering breakthroughs in biomedical science, education, technology, and health care are occurring at a dizzying pace. This is a time when unimaginable possibilities beckon from beyond recognizable opportunities. Duke Health stands enviably positioned to take advantage of these opportunities and pursue these possibilities. With Advancing Health Together: 2016-2020 Strategic Planning Framework, we at Duke Health share our vision of how we will seize this moment,” said A. Eugene Washington, MD, Chancellor for Health Affairs, Duke University, and President and CEO, Duke University Health System.

Advancing Health Together is a comprehensive, integrated strategic planning framework based on academic, clinical and population health priorities. It outlines goals and strategies across five core mission areas (Patient Care, Research, Education, Community Health Improvement, Global Health), and in a sixth area (People & Environment) critical to Duke Health’s success in each mission area. Going forward, the framework will serve as a guide, a reminder of our possibilities and priorities, and a point of focus as Duke Health adapts to changing circumstances and capitalizes on unexpected opportunities.

The framework represents the combined contributions of over 10,000 Duke Health personnel who responded to surveys, joined focus groups or served on mission area working groups.

“You vigorously deliberated without losing your way, earnestly criticizing, probing and stretching while remaining collegial.  I thank everyone for their energy, collaborative spirit and insight. I am deeply grateful to all who participated,” Washington said.

Town hall meetings will be held in the coming weeks to share Advancing Health Together with the Duke Health community and offer all the opportunity to ask questions. The dates for these meeting will be announced soon.

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Chris KeithAdvancing Health Together: Duke Health’s 2016-2020 Strategic Planning Framework