Duke Anesthesiology Wins First Place for Fundraising

It was another successful fundraiser at the 7th Annual ASA Sponsored Run For The Warriors 5K race along Lake Shore Drive in Chicago on Sunday, October 23! The race is dedicated to our servicemen/women wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan, their families and families of the fallen. Congratulations to Duke Anesthesiology for raising more funds than any other team at this year’s event – a total of $7,405! This is the sixth year in a row the team won first place for fundraising. All proceeds from the race will benefit wounded warriors and their families through the many Hope For The Warriors programs.

Thank you to the 34 Duke Anesthesiology race participants (listed below) and donors who raised money for this good cause. A special congratulations goes to faculty members Drs. Richard Moon and Catherine Kuhn for being among the top five fundraisers of the entire event, and Drs. Jack Gamble (CA-2 resident) and Ying Hui Low (Duke Anesthesiology alumnus) who medaled for having one of the top three race times in their age group!

Karsten Bartels
Meredith Bedsworth
Tiffany Bisanar
Will Bisanar
John Borrelli
Thomas Buchheit
Anushree Doshi
Jenna Falcinelli
Jeff Gadsden
John Gamble
Nicola Gray
Nicole Guinn

Nazish Hashmi
Curtis Hilton
Stacey Hilton
Michael James
Shawn Jia
Stephanie Jones
Catherine Kuhn
Annabelle Levine
Matthew Levine
Angela Pollak
Ying Low

Jonathan Mark
Joseph Mathew
Rachael Mintz-Cole
Richard Moon
Alina Nicoara
Ali Aheed Quadri
Kendall Smith
Alena Suarez
Arturo Suarez
Dennis Thapa
Julie Westover

Chris KeithDuke Anesthesiology Wins First Place for Fundraising