Dr. Kwatra Awarded Funding for Glioblastoma Study

Madan M. Kwatra, PhDGenzada Pharmaceuticals has awarded Dr. Madan Kwatra a two-year, $763,200 grant, titled “Evaluation of novel anti-cancer agents, either alone or in combination, for activity against glioblastoma subtypes: a personalized medicine approach.”

Genzada specializes in pharmaceuticals derived from plants. Their lead compounds have shown activity in preclinical models of several cancers. These agents will be tested against glioblastoma because they have the ability to penetrate the blood brain barrier and represent a natural, alternative therapy against glioblastoma. The compounds will be tested against GBMs of multiple molecular subtypes allowing for a personalized and targeted approach to treating this deadly disease.

Dr. Kwatra is an associate professor in anesthesiology and the director of the Molecular Pharmacology Laboratory at Duke Anesthesiology, which focuses on understanding the role of G protein-coupled receptors in human diseases.

Stacey HiltonDr. Kwatra Awarded Funding for Glioblastoma Study