There is no escape. Left to Right: Katie Kanter, Sandra O’Buckley, Zachary Smothers, Scott Scarneo, Dr Xin Zhang, Julia Kozlowski, Dr Andrea Nackley, Fun at the end of a long day: 37th annual APS meeting, Anaheim, CA. From left to right: Scott Scarneo, Dr Andrea Nackley, Zachary Smothers, Dr Yong Chen, Dr Xin Zhang, and

From Duke to Pyeongchang

Duke Anesthesiology’s Ken Childs followed his passion for sliding sports all the way to the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea. Duke Today caught up with Childs and two other Dukies to ask them about their XXIII Olympic Winter Games experiences.

Q: I am a medical student studying in Europe, in my penultimate year of med school, and I’m planning to take the Step 1 this year. I have a huge interest in anesthesiology, and searching online helped me realize that Duke University School of Medicine (DUSM) is one of the best out there. In order to give me a head start, what would you advise I focus on – high step scores, research or clinical experience? I need advice on early preparations I can engage in now to increase my chances to end up at DUSM, seeing how highly competitive it is.

A: I am sure you will receive lots of advice on how to best prepare for a career in anesthesiology, beginning with residency. At Duke, we are looking for residents who are passionate about anesthesiology and will lead our field into the future.

Dr. Nicoara Earns Special Distinction

Congratulations to Alina Nicoara, MD, FASE, on being named an “AWEsome Woman” by the Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists – a designation that recognizes prominent women in the field of cardiovascular anesthesiology who exhibit the society’s values.