The Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology Division is a highly productive research division with interests in clinical, translational, education, and basic science research. Current research interests and expertise include:

  • Perioperative myocardial injury and ischemia-reperfusion injury (Mihai Podgoreanu)
  • Clinico-genomic risk prediction models for perioperative and long-term adverse cardiovascular outcomes following cardiac surgery (Mihai Podgoreanu, Joseph Mathew)
  • Atrial fibrillation following cardiopulmonary bypass (Joseph Mathew)
  • Postoperative cognitive decline following cardiac surgery (Joseph Mathew, Rebecca Klinger)
  • Determinants and prevention of acute kidney injury following cardiac surgery (Mark Stafford-Smith, Madhav Swaminathan)
  • Perioperative echocardiography research (Madhav Swaminathan, Alina Nicoara, Sharon McCartney, Meredith Whitacre, Sundar Krishnan)
  • Risk factors predisposing to thrombotic or hemorrhagic complications and adverse outcomes related to transfusion after cardiac surgery (Ian Welsby, Jerrold Levy)
  • Point-of-care/bedside washing of paced red blood cells to reduce perioperative lung injury (Ian Welsby)
  • Utilizing outcomes data after cardiac surgery to optimize transfusion safety in this patient group (Ian Welsby, Nazish Hashmi, Brandi Bottiger)
  • Anticoagulation and reversal (Jerrold Levy, Ian Welsby)
  • Coagulopathy in critically ill patients (Jerrold Levy)
  • Regional techniques in cardiac and thoracic anesthesia (Rebecca Klinger, Brandi Bottiger)
  • Lung transplantation outcomes research (Brandi Bottiger, Nazish Hashmi, Angela Pollak)
  • Heart transplantation outcomes research (Alina Nicoara, Sharon McCartney)
  • Mitochondrial dysfunction and immune activation in heart transplant (Anne Cherry)
  • Perioperative outcomes and biomarkers in early right heart failure (Kamrouz Ghadimi, Alina Nicoara)
  • Inhaled pulmonary vasodilation for pulmonary vasoreactivity and management of pulmonary hypertension (Kamrouz Ghadimi)
  • Quality improvement and process optimization in the cardiothoracic operating rooms (Negmeldeen Mamoun, Brandi Bottiger, Nazish Hashmi)
  • Perioperative outcomes in adults with congenital heart diseases (Nazish Hashmi, Jon Andrews)

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