Who We Partner With

Duke Cardiac and Thoracic Surgery

We collaborate with our cardiothoracic surgical colleagues to achieve the best outcomes for our patients.

Duke Heart Center

We collaborate with the Duke Heart Center to provide multidisciplinary care to patients through the entire perioperative spectrum, including providing anesthesia for outpatient cardioversions, structural heart interventions and cardiac catheterizations. We also collaborate on perioperative outcomes and imaging research with faculty at the Duke Heart Center.

Duke Transplant Center

Our faculty are active participants in the pre-transplant listing conferences and collaborate in perioperative outcomes research with the Duke Transplant Center.

Duke Cardiac Electrophysiology Lab

Our faculty specializes in providing anesthesia care to patients undergoing electrophysiology procedures in the Duke Electrophysiology Lab.

Duke Interventional Pulmonology

Our faculty provides anesthesia care to complex patients undergoing bronchoscopic interventions in the operating room and intensive care units.

Anesthesia Critical Care Medicine

Most of our faculty are dual trained in critical care medicine and participate in clinical care, education and research in the intensive care units along with our critical care medicine colleagues.