Nicole Scouras, MD, MBA
Best Medical Schools for Anesthesiology #3 in the nation.

Throughout our history, Duke Anesthesiology has earned a reputation for ingenuity that has become a hallmark of the department, just as beloved and familiar as Cameron Indoor Stadium, the Sarah P. Duke Gardens, or that unmistakable shade of Duke Blue that distinguishes us from other universities. The affiliation that Duke Anesthesiology has formed in recent years with Duke Regional Hospital and Duke Raleigh Hospital was born out of this culture of innovation. It serves as a perfect example of how our leaders boldly transform challenges into opportunities by finding unique approaches to advancing patient care.

“Duke Raleigh and Duke Regional are an instrumental and important part of our department,” explains Solomon “Sol” Aronson, MD, MBA, executive vice chair of the department and one of the key players who has fostered and developed this unique relationship. “Their efforts, although principally clinical, help our department fulfill its overall mission. They help us sustain the department’s resources necessary to maintain our academic and educational mission in a global way,” he says.