The Ambulatory Anesthesiology Division maintains a robust history of medical investigation, especially within the field of regional anesthesiology and acute pain medicine. Led by pioneers in the field, Drs. Susan Steele and Roy Greengrass, the Duke Ambulatory Surgical Center was one of the first sites in the country to investigate and deploy the use of peripheral nerve catheters for postoperative analgesia.

The Ambulatory Anesthesiology Division currently focuses on a broad array of research topics focused on delivery patient centered care. These topics include:

  1. The use of patient reported outcomes to predict both acute and chronic postsurgical outcomes
  2. The development of digital health tools to facilitate remote patient evaluation and support
  3. The measurement of postoperative pulmonary function following outpatient shoulder surgery
  4. Investigating national trends in outpatient surgery with a focus on stratifying patients groups that may be considered in new ambulatory markets
  5. The development of outpatient total joint and spine surgery pathways to facilitate same day discharge in an ambulatory surgery center setting
  6. Participate as a supporting site in regards to the application of intravenous methadone for postoperative analgesia
  7. Comparing varying regional anesthesiology techniques in forefoot surgery

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