Who We Partner With

Duke Performance Services

In the ambulatory surgical environment, data is essential to maintain a high efficiency patient centered experience. Continuous data review and application of data driven projects fosters a close tie between the Ambulatory Anesthesiology Division and Duke Performance Services in order to continue to provide innovative ambulatory surgical care.

Perioperative Nursing

A team approach is critical to a successful ambulatory surgical environment where attentive care is provided before surgery, during an operation, and after patients are discharged. Our close bond with Duke Perioperative Nursing capitalizes on diverse skills and talents to ensure each of these phases are seamlessly implemented.

Duke Orthopedic Surgery and Duke Surgery

We maintain close collaborative bonds with our surgeons and continue to develop tip of the spear outpatient surgical programs, including outpatient total joint arthroplasty, outpatient spine surgery, and a variety services across the Department of Surgery.

Duke Life Flight

We work closely with our Life Flight colleagues to provide hands on airway training to critical EMS personnel involved with both ground and air emergency transport.