The Mentorship Program is designed to accelerate trainee and faculty career development by facilitating robust mentor-mentee relationships and by identifying strategic departmental and institutional resources.

Meet the Departmental Mentors

The Faculty Development System (FDS) was developed in the Duke Department of Anesthesiology to facilitate interactions between mentees and mentors, track progress toward career goals, and identify needs. Mentors and mentees meet on at least a semi-annual basis and then use the FDS to record meeting results. As faculty utilize the system, the FDS allows departmental leadership to identify systemic issues commonly encountered by faculty that impede progress (i.e. lack of protected time, lack of administrative support, etc) so that new initiatives can be designed to address these common needs. Due to its success and usefulness, the FDS has been adopted by many other departments at Duke to facilitate faculty mentoring and development.

FDS System

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