Who We Partner With

Duke Surgery – we work very closely with our surgical and other colleagues to achieve the best possible outcomes for our patients. Perioperative care involves a multidisciplinary team effort to optimize patients before surgery, help them recover from surgery as quickly as possible and return to their normal quality of life.

Inpatient Pain Service (IPS) – we implement multimodal and regional anesthesia techniques to minimize postoperative pain, and work closely with our colleagues in the IPS to provide a seamless transition in pain management from the operating rooms to the postoperative wards.

NYSORA – The New York School of Regional Anesthesia is a global leader in anesthesiology education, and the faculty of the Regional Division have a close collaboration with NYSORA, leading workshops and symposia, and contributing to textbooks and the online educational platform.

Belgium Regional Anesthesiology Fellowships – the Regional Division at Duke shares a collaborative educational exchange with two highly regarded European training programs. Each year, RAAPM fellows and faculty travel to Belgium and share clinical and research ideas with faculty and fellows from both KU Leuven and the Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg’s Center for Research Education and Enhanced Recovery.

Block Nursing – the concept of a specialized perioperative nurse who works hand-in-hand with physicians performing regional block procedures was pioneered in the Regional Division at Duke. These nurses receive special training in pharmacology, block dynamics, resuscitation, and other skills in order to safely and efficiently care for patients undergoing nerve blocks. We are proud of our collaboration with this amazing team of nursing colleagues, some of whom have taught courses around the country on this nursing subspecialty.