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That’s a Wrap! Highlights from ASA 2022

It was another successful American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) meeting for Duke Anesthesiology! View the photo gallery and read the full recap from New Orleans!

Faculty Awarded NIH Grant to Improve Lung Health

Congratulations to Satya Achanta, DVM, PhD, and Sven-Eric Jordt, PhD, on receiving a $1,430,370 R01 grant for their project to advance the fundamental understanding of pulmonary cell fate in inhalation injuries from chemical warfare.

Faculty Awarded NIH Grant to Study Pain Signaling Mechanisms

Congratulations to Drs. Christopher Donnelly and Shad Smith on receiving a $2,132,329 grant to discover new insights into the divergent pathophysiological mechanisms of chronic pain and its associated comorbidities in males and females.

Dr. Smith Awarded NIH Grant to Study TMD Therapies

Congratulations to Shad Smith, PhD, on receiving a $402,487 grant from the National Institutes of Health for his project that uses single-cell omics approaches to develop new therapies for chronic pain disorders, such as temporomandibular disorders.

Dr. Acker Awarded NIH Grant for HIPPIE Study

Congratulations to Leah Acker, MD, PhD, on receiving a $322,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health to investigate the role of the aging brain-heart-immune axis in postoperative delirium.

Dr. Wischmeyer Awarded DoD Grant to Improve Trauma Care

Congratulations to Paul Wischmeyer, MD, EDIC, FASPEN, FCCM, on being awarded a $2,203,452 Department of Defense grant for his study that aims to improve the quality of life for both military and civilian survivors of trauma.

Dr. Gasier Awarded Naval Research Grant

Congratulations to Heath Gasier, PhD, on receiving an $844,714 grant to determine how hyperbaric oxygen and the neurotransmitter, GABA, influence repeated exposure-sensitivity to oxidative tissue injury.