Dr. Nicoara Receives Inaugural Echocardiography Award

Alina Nicoara, MD, FASEThe Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists (SCA) has selected Duke Anesthesiology’s Alina Nicoara, MD, FASE, as the recipient of the inaugural Echo Week Co-Directors’ Award!

This honor is awarded to a mid-career anesthesiologist. Dr. Nicoara was chosen to be the first-ever recipient of this award based on her nationally-recognized expertise in perioperative echocardiography, her contributions to research in this field, and her potential to continue performing at this high level.

“I am honored to receive this award from friends and mentors, people I try to emulate every day in many ways,” says Dr. Nicoara, who will accept her award at the 20th Annual Echo Week in Atlanta on May 25. “I consider myself very lucky that, although the SCA Echo Week is an intense work experience for both faculty and participants, it’s also an opportunity to have fun and spend time with my colleagues.”

The SCA is an international organization of physicians that promotes excellence in patient care through education and research in perioperative care for patients undergoing cardiothoracic and vascular procedures.

Dr. Nicoara is the director of the Duke Perioperative Echocardiography Service. Its mission is to promote excellence in perioperative cardiac ultrasound imaging, and inspire and educate future generations of anesthesiologists and critical care physicians.

Chris KeithDr. Nicoara Receives Inaugural Echocardiography Award
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